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  • Smart Product Solutions

    Offer 100+ smart product solutions, covering 200+ countries worldwide, to help you open up overseas markets.

    Smart Appliance

    Living or Kitchen Appliances

    Environmental Appliances

    Smart Home

    60% of home appliance companies choose Gizwits. Make full types of home appliances smart quickly.

    Lighting & Security

    Smart Lighting | Security Monitoring

    Electrically Powered & Controlled Scenario Mode

    Support domestic and foreign mainstream voice platforms to realize internet of everything.

    Energy Management

    EV Station | Heat Equipment Management | Industrial Equipments Transportation & Logistics

    DTU is easy to use to remote control, monitor, locate, track, predictive maintenance devices, and more.


    Product Design | Application Building

    Data Service | Business Model


    Based on IoT industry and user analysis,establish services that best align with your needs

  • Fulfillment Process of Smart Product Solution

    Offer full-lifecycle service for IoT device connectivity and management, supported by our technical expert team.


    Choose Product Type

    Select your smart

    product solution


    Buy Module

    Use Gizwits certified

    communication module


    Connect to Gizwits Cloud

    Adopt Gizwits

    GDCS service


    Product Release

    Roll out your

    smart product

  • IoT Industrial Solutions

    10+ years product operation experience, billion-level massive data processing capability, visualized BI system accelerate your digital business transformation and operation

    Financial Leasing

    Asset Leasing Management

    • Real-time remote monitoring to support equipment operation
    • Automatic alarm for abnormity to ensure asset security
    • Multiple billing methods per hour/day/month

    Sharing Economy

    Sharing Equipment Management

    • Real-time remote monitoring to ensure stable operation
    • IoT mobile payment to improve management efficiency
    • Accurate data decision making to increase your income

    Industrial Internet

    Industrial Equipment Maintenance

    • Real time telematics reporting to set off alarm for abnormity
    • Predictive maintenance to reduce equipment failure rate
    • Fast connection with DTU to adapt to multiple protocols


    To achieve operational efficiency

    • Apartment real estate and new retail big data solution
    • EV charge Station management and time-sharing lease solution
    • AI and IoT industrial big data solution
  • Fulfillment Process of Industrial Solutions

    Offer device connectivity, operational management, data analysis and other services, supported by our genius level professional teams


    Requirements Analysis

    Choose your industry type and sort out your product requirements


    Build Product

    Achieve your product



    Adopt Management System

    Use Gizwits

    SaaS service


    Operation & Maintenance

    Release and operate

    your product

  • Self-service IoT Development Platform

    Development experience of 10000+ products, free industrial grade IoT application development tools help you create your smart product in 0.5 day

    IoT Application Development

    Device Simulator, App Code Auto-Generator, Enterprise API

    Embedded Development

    MCU Code Auto-Generator, Mobile Product Debugging

    Gizwits Certified Developer

    Provide business opportunities to teams with technical development capability


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  • What Makes Us Different

    Gizwits integrates global cloud resources, implement self-service cloud application modules, and multi-category compatible solutions to help customers build product ecosystem

    Easy to Use

    • The world's simplest self-service development tools
    • Drag and drop to accomplish the development of IoT devices

    Rich Features

    • Free collocation with full stack application service modules
    • Built-in product lifecycle management system

    Stable & Flexible

    • Most stable billion-level device long connection capability
    • Billion-level message daily processing capability

    Secure & Reliable

    • Various encryption methods to ensure data security
    • Multiple security certifications both at home and abroad

    Neutral & Open

    • Global deployment as public/private/hybrid cloud
    • Deployment with Docker 
    • Secondary development supported

    Various Solution Options

    • Mature product and industry solutions
    • Global business of both To B and To C supported

    IoT supply chain

    • IoT supply chain services of software, hardware and data
    • Resources integration among IoT ecosystem value chain to reduce cost effectively

    Developer Community

    • Gizwits is the world's largest IoT developer community
    • 600+ Gizwits certified developers share our platform value
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