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Chinese IoT Solution Provider Gizwits Launches a Self-service Development Platform

Gizwits, a Chinese Internet-of-Things solution provider, has launched a self-serve software development platform, which is named Gizwits 2.0, and a programmable microcontroller board, GoKit, for smart home gadgets.


Gizwits 1.0 develops customized Internet-of-things solutions for big enterprises. Now with the self-service platform, small teams or individual hardware developers can software on their own.


The company, apart from software development, offers services on statistics & analytics, and other services. It also helps businesses to develop features for their WeChat public accounts so that users can control connected devices through WeChat.


Gizwits was founded back in 2005 2010. As of 2013 Gizwits had developed more than 100 apps for smart hardware devices. More than 2 million devices were supported by Gizwits Cloud as of the second quarter of 2014, according to the company.