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Gizwits Open Kit:Gokit

Gokit is gizwits open kit, is an intelligent hardware, the main function of the skills to control the operation of the sensor on the gokit.

Gokit,is gizwits open kit ,is an intelligent hardware,To use your Amazon Echo with your Gokit, make sure you have the latest Alexa app on your device, you have your Gokit, and activate the Gizwits Skill. This will require your Gizwits app account email and password to authorize Alexa to access your devices.

To get started, select the "Enable Skill" button in the Alexa App to link your Gizwits account and discover your devices.
When using the skill, you need to specify by name which device to use. You can set the devices' name in Gizwits app which controls your devices. you can find the exact Gizwits app name in your product user manuel.
Your Gokit now talk directly to the Amazon Echo through the Alexa. You can control your Gokit with simple statements like:
Alexa, Gokit, Turn on the lights
Alexa, Gokit, Turn off the light
Alexa, Gokit, Run motor
Alexa, Gokit, Stop motor
Alexa, Gokit, Speed up(Motor must be turned on before acceleration)
Alexa, Gokit, Speed down (Motor must be turned on before decelerate)
Alexa, Gokit, What’s the temperature
Alexa, Gokit, Tell me the humidity
Alexa, Gokit, Bye (Exit session mode )
Remarks : When you say Alexa to wake up Alexa and say gokit to enter skill, you will enter the session mode, you don’t have to wake up Alexa and get into this skill.When you say bye is out of session mode.
For example : Alexa, Gokit, turn on the light, turn off the light, run motor, stop motor, what’s the temperature, bye.

if you have any questions, please visit gizwits website or email for further assistance.

Invocation Name

go kit

Interaction Examples

Alexa,open go kit
Alexa,start gokit and turn on the light
Tell me the temperature

Release Date

March 17th 2017