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    Gizwits EV Charging Station Solution

    Beijing Huashangsanyou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (short for Huashang) belongs to Beijing Electric Power Company as a secondary unit company. The main business includes electric vehicle recharge equipment, medium and low voltage distribution facilities, new energy equipment and functional power grid related equipment, the construction of the vast majority of national power grid charging pile, is the most intensive contact with electric vehicle owners of a charging pile operator.
    Since 2015, Gizwits provides Huashang a one-stop IoT solution for EV Charging station. This solution consists of Wi-Fi module, cloud connectivity, App and management platform development.

  • Hardware Solution

    In order to make the traditional EV Charging pile connect to the internet, the machine has to be integrated with a Wi-Fi communication module that has been pre-complied Gizwits communication protocol package named GAgent. In this case, the machine's data can upload to Gizwits platform to forward to show in the App or management system. The App or management system can remotely control and monitor the machines.

    App Development

    Gizwits develops an user-level App. Users can remotely control and manage the water heater with the functionalities of

    1. Find a free EV charging station / pile in App via bluetooth.

    2. Book a EV charging station to charge.

    3. Start charging by one-key click

    4. The fee will calculate automatically

    5. Pay online

    6. Share the pile to others.

    Device Management System

    Gizwits develops an enterprise-level management system to manage and monitor the devices with the functionalities of

    1. Product center. All of the active devices will listed in this module indexed by MAC Address.

    2. User center.

    3. After-sales center.

    4. Agency center.

    5. Order center.

    6. Device location map.

    7. Troubleshooting.

    8. Check and diagnosis what is wrong with the machine.