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  • Fulfillment Process of Industrial Solutions

    Offer device connectivity, operational management, data analysis and other services, supported by our genius level professional teams


    Requirements Analysis

    Choose your industry type and sort out your product requirements


    Build Product

    Achieve your product



    Adopt Management System

    Use Gizwits

    SaaS service


    Operation & Maintenance

    Release and operate

    your product

  • IoT Industry Solutions

    10+ years product operation experience, billion-level massive data processing capability, visualized BI system accelerate your digital business transformation and operation

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    Financial Leasing 

    Asset Leasing Management

    • Real-time remote monitoring to support equipment operation
    • Automatic alarm for abnormity to ensure asset security
    • Multiple billing methods per hour/day/month


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    Sharing Economy 

    Sharing Equipment Management

    • Real-time remote monitoring to ensure stable operation
    • IoT mobile payment to improve management efficiency
    • Accurate data decision making to increase your income


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    Industrial Internet 

    Industrial Equipment Maintenance

    • Real time telematics reporting to set off alarm for abnormity
    • Predictive maintenance to reduce equipment failure rate
    • Fast connection with DTU to adapt to multiple protocols

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    To achieve operational efficiency

    • Apartment real estate and new retail big data solution
    • EV charge station management and time-sharing lease solution
    • AI and IoT industrial big data solution

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    Real Estate

    Apartment Real Estate Operation Management

    • Personnel /facility management, reducing management cost
    • Intelligent device linkage to improve user satisfaction
    • Real-time security monitoring to prevent security risks

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    New Retail

    Retail Big Data Management


    • Use plug and play equipment to effectively control cost
    • Analysis of goods data, reducing management cost
    • Consumer behavior analysis, improve precision marketing

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    Charging Facility

    Charger Operation Management


    • Charger remote monitoring, operation failure forewarning
    • Charger time-sharing, enriching profitability
    • Multi-level management system, support joining agents

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    Industry Big Data

    Operation Management Optimization with AI

    • Real-time data collection, auto-analysis and detection
    • AI simulation and prediction to optimize energy consumption structure
    • Multidimensional data decision-making, guiding production and management

  • Adopt Gizwits SaaS Service

    Gizwits offers equipment remote operation and maintenance management and product lifecycle management to support enterprise private cloud construction.

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    Gizwits Device Management System

    Applicable to equipment operation and maintenance management

    • Support GDCS Enterprise Version
    • Support APP development and release
    • Support business system integration services
    • Support equipment remote maintenance management
    • Provide technical training and professional support

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    Gizwits Operation Management System

    Suitable for full-lifecycle management

    • Support GDCS commercial edition
    • Support App development and publish services
    • Support WeChat Service Account and Mini Program
    • Support commercial operation and data analysis services
    • Provide technical training and professional support

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    Enterprise IoT Cloud

    Applicable to enterprise private cloud platform


    • Deploy enterprise-owned M2M connection platform
    • Support API secondary development and development management
    • Support remote hosting, maintenance and timing upgrade
    • Support millions of devices online, unlimited scaling
    • Provide technical training and professional support
    • Provide suitable hardware to adapt to mainstream IaaS platforms

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