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  • Gizwits Smart Lighting One-Stop Solution

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    Gizwits Smart Lighting One-stop Solution consists of communication module, cloud connectivity, and Gizwits Smart mobile APP (Hereinafter referred to as GSmart APP). It provides either smart lighting end products or critical components such as connected power-supply or SoC wireless connectivity modules to help enterprises shorten time-to-market. The smart lights can be voice controlled or conditional interacted with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Tmall Genie, IFTTT and other mainstream smart speakers or other third-party platforms. Not only being stable in the connectivity, but also being rich in the control and automation functionalities of color algorithm, smart home automation capabilities, and musical rhythm, the smart lighting powered by GSmart has integrated over 100 different types of smart home products, allowing consumers to achieve “full-house” control and automation.

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    Gizwits Wi-Fi Module

    This kind of Wi-Fi module is developed by Gizwits and his chipmaker partner. There are 2 types of this module, one is for normal product, another is suite for lighting products, which has a good heatproof. More details:


    1. Communication Method: Wi-Fi

    2. Size: 24mm (W) * 16mm (H)

    3. Chip: ES8266

    4. Flash Memory: 1 M Byte

    5. Firmware: Pre-compiled

    6. Heatproof -40 ℃ to 125 ℃

  • Cloud Platform Connectivity

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    With modular, standardized application platform services, supporting rapid global deployment of public cloud, private cloud, hybrid IoT cloud services as well as docker deployment, Gizwits helps customers to achieve faster time-to-market. Millions of devices powered by Gizwits has been running on the servers hosted in Asia, America, Europe, Middle East and so on, which are operated by Amazon, Microsoft Azure and other global sites. Furthermore, the platform is able to provide unlimited capacity expansion without regional and quantitative constraints according to customers' demand.

       Perfect Security Policy

    • Connection Security Policy
    • Data Backup Policy
    • Penetration Test Monitoring
    • More Connection Policy

       Stable Connectivity

    • Support MQTT / HTTP protocols
    • Load Balancing
    • 7 x 24 Hours Online Technology Supports
    • SLA 99.99%
    • CDN Supported

    Work With Third-party Platforms

    • Amazon Alexa Echo
    • Google Assistant
    • IFTTT
    • Tmall Genie
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    Gizwits Smart APP

    Gizwits Smart APP (hereinafter referred to as Gsmart), is a cross-platform and cross-category open APP, which can be customized the interfaces according to customer needs to speed up time-to-market.


    Gsmart has the complete processes of user registration, login and logout, which can carry out the operations of IoT devices network configuration,discovering, registration, login, locally / remotely controlling, status updating, and scenes recognition. According to the requirements of customers, the corresponding APP functions can be generated in the cloud to quickly achieve the listing and operation of your IoT device and realize fast-to-market. Now, Gsmart can be downloaded from major APP stores.

    Gizwits Smart App Store
    Gizwits Smart Google Play
  • Features

    Rich in control and automation functionalities

    Multiple Modes


    Superb APP user experience that can be customized on demand. i.e Common Mode, Streamer Mode, Eye Protection Mode, Sleep Mode, Morning Mode, Candle Light Mode.

    Color Algorithm


    Fine-tuned color setting algorithm, and comprehensive lighting control features.

    Smart Home Automation Capabilities

    Lighting control can be automated with timers, weather conditions, and smart home sensors, etc.

    Musical Rhythm


    Lighting control can be synchronized with musical rhythms.

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    Users can use the default conditional mode to trigger the automation between lighting devices and other smart home products, or use the conditional modes that they define themselves.


    • Automation will be triggered by manual clicking;
    • Automation will be triggered by Timer. For example, when it is at 7 pm, the living room lighting will turn on or enter the mode of “Candle Light”. When it is at 8 am, the bedroom lighting will enter the mode of “Morning”.
    • Automation will be triggered by weather conditions. For example, when it is sunset, the living room lighting will turn on, or enter the mode of “Streamer Mode”. When the value of PM2.5 is up to 50, the smart air purifier will start.
    • When the door opens normally, the door magnetic sensors will trigger the living room light bulb to turn on, smart speaker to greet, etc. When the door opens abnormally, the door magnetic sensors will trigger the smart speaker to alarm, or sending a notification SMS to the mobile phone, etc.
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